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Fabric Facemask

Click here for Fabric Facemask instruction


These dolls and clothes are made by folks at my home quilt shop to be used for medical education at our local children's hospital. Here are patterns for the dolls, gowns, pants, and a one piece romper outfit. There is also a pattern for a larger hospital gown for a Teddy Bear or other stuffed animals.



Doll Pattern: Quick and Easy Charity Doll

Doll Clothing Patterns: Doll Hospital Gown and Pants   Doll One-Piece Romper Knitted Swea

Teddy Bear Patterns: Teddy Bear Hospital Gown Hoodie Pattern

Doll hats: This knitting pattern, Medical Doll Hats, was developed specifically for these dolls.

This Red Heart Knit or Crochet Preemie hat pattern can be made to fit the medical education dolls with the following change: Start decrease rounds when hat measures 2 1/2 inches.

Turtle Instructions

These turtles are used at University of Michigan Mott Hospiital with children and their siblings who are very ill and dying. Mementos can be placed in the pockets in the shell and the turtle back. Click here for turtle instructions.


Nursing Covers

I am making covers for women who are nursing their infants at University of Michigan Hospitals. Click here to link to the pattern.

Bibs for Hospitalized Children                  

I've developed instructions for making bibs for hospitalized children. Click here to link to the instructions.




String Diamond Table Runner

String Diamond Table Runner

 Click here to link to the pattern.   





 Round String Mug Mats

Round String Mug MatsMake these these easy mug mats - as a simple introduction to string quilting. Please take a look at my book, String Quilt Style, for further inspiration for string quilting. These mug mats make great indoor Frisbees. Fun, but no one gets hurt and nothing breaks. These can be used by quilt shops to introduce string piecing. 

Round Mug Mat Pattern 



Charity Quilt Patterns

I have developed several simple patterns for making charity quilts.

Five Inch Charms Quilt
Tumbler Scrap Quilt
Threes and Sixes
Little Boxes